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A high level of scientific evidence is available to guide treatment of primary shoulder stiffness: The SIAGASCOT consensus
A consensus regarding the conservative and surgical treatment of primary SS could be achieved at a national level. This consensus sets basis for evidence-based clinical practice in the management of primary SS and can serve as a model for similar initiatives and adaptable guidelines in other European countries and potentially on a global scale.

Reverse shoulder arthroplasty 
Clinical outcomes are unchanged after a mean of 12 years after reverse shoulder arthroplasty: a long-term re-evaluation

Arthroscopy Techniques
Local Autologous Stem Cells Application in Rotator Cuff Repairs: “LASCA” Technique. L. Dei Giudici, R. Castricini. Arthrosc Tech (2020).

Arthroscopy Techniques
Anatomic Reduction and Fixation for Glenoid Fractures: The Kissing Anchor Technique. E. Gervasi, L. Dei Giudici, A. Spicuzza. Arthrosc Tech (2020).
DOI: 10.1016/j.eats.2020.04.006

Journal of Hand Microsurgery
Perspective and Consensus among International Orthopaedic Surgeons during Initial and Mid-lockdown Phases of Coronavirus Disease. JTJ Jerome et al. J Hand Microsurg (2020).
DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1713964

Knee Surgery Sports Traumatology
Arthroscopy Poliurethane Scaffold Implants for Partial Meniscus Lesions: Delayed Intervention Leads to an Inferior Outcome. V. Condello, L. Dei Giudici, F. Pierdisa, D.U. Screpis, M. Guerriero, G. Filardo, C. Zorzi. Knee Surg SportsTraumatol Arthrosc (2019)

Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial for Patch Augmentation in Rotator Cuff Repair: 24-Months Outcomes. P. Avanzi, L. Dei Giudici, A. Capone, G. Cardoni, G. Lunardi, G. Foti, C. Zorzi. J Shoulder Elbow Surg (2019) 28, 1928 – 1927

BioMed Research International
Use of a Biomimetic Scaffold for the Treatment of Osteochondral Lesions in Early Osteoarthritis. V. Condello, G. Filardo, V. Madonna, L. Andriolo, D. Screpis, M. Bonomo, M. Zappia, L. Dei Giudici, C. Zorzi. BioMed Research International (2018), ID: 7937089,

Musculoskeletal Surgery
Rotator Cuff Failure after Surgery: an All-Arthrosopic Transosseous Approach. C. Chillemi, L. Dei Giudici, M. Mantonavi, M. Osimani, S. Gumina. Musculoskeletal Surgery (2018) 102 (1):S3-S12.

Distalization and Medialization of Tibial Tuberosity for the Treatment of Potential Patellar Instability with Patella Alta. D. Enea, P.P. Canè, M. Fravisini, A. Gigante, L. Dei Giudici. Joints 2018,

Isolated ubscapularis tendon tear in a skeletally immature soccer player. P. Avanzi, L. Dei Giudici, R. Giovarruscio, A. Gigante, C. Zorzi. Joints 2017,

Strategies Trauma Limb Reconstr
Midshaft clavicle fractures treatment: threaded Kirschner wire versus conservative approach. Coppa V, DEI GIUDICI L, Cecconi S, Marinelli M, Gigante A. Strategies Trauma Limb Reconstr. 2017 Aug 20.

J Orthop Surg (Hong Kong)
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EFORT Open Review
Arthroscopic management of articular and periarticular fractures of the upper limb. DEI GIUDICI L, Faini A, Garro L, Tucciarone A, Gigante A. EFORT Open Rev 2016;1:325-331.

Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Diseases
Homologous platelet-rich plasma for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis in selected elderly patients: an open-label, uncontrolled, pilot study.
Bottegoni C, DEI GIUDICI L, Salvemini S, Chiurazzi E, Bencivenga R, Gigante A.
Ther Adv Musculoskel Dis 2016; 8 (2): 35-41.
DOI: 10,1177/1759720X16631188

The Open Orthopaedic Journal
Orthopaedic timing in polytrauma in a second level emergency hospital. An overrated problem?
DEI GIUDICI L, Giampaolini N, Panfighi A, Marinelli M, Procaccini R, Gigante A.
Open Orthop J 2015; 9 (Suppl 1:M4): 296-302

La Radiologia Medica
Evaluation of patello-femoral alignment on CT scans. Interobserver reliability of several parameters.
DEI GIUDICI L, Enea D, Pierdicca L, Cecconi S, Ulisse S, Arima S, Giovagnoni A, Gigante A
Radiol Med 2015;

European Journal Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology
The role of arthroscopy in articular fracture management: the lower limb.
DEI GIUDICI L, Di Muzio F, Bottegoni C, Chillemi C, Gigante A
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Emergency Medicine International
Epidemiology of isolated acromioclavicular joint dislocation.
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European Orthopaedics and Traumatology
Arthroscopic three-dimensional chondrocyte graft transplantation: technical note.
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Orthopaedic Surgery
Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair with augmentation: the V-SLED technique.
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Capitoli di libri

Springer Nature Singapore Arthroscopy and Endoscopy of the Shoulder. Principle and Practice 

Chapter 16: Arhtroscopic Management of Multidirectional Instability.
Castricini R, DEI GIUDICI L, Maffulli N
Chapter 26: Arhtroscopic Latissimus Dorsi Transfer for Massive Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears
Castricini R, Galasso Olimpio, DEI GIUDICI L, Maffulli N

Editor: Tun Hing Lui
Springer Nature Singapore

Springer Berlin Heidelberg Management of Failed Shoulder Surgery

Chapter 29: How to Manage Failed Rotator Cuff Repair: Biologic Augmentation
Avanzi P, DEI GIUDICI L, Gigante A, Zorzi C

Editors: Milano G, Grasso A, Calvo A, Brzóska R
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

CIC Edizioni Internazionali Cartilage E-Book

Chapter 4: The Classification of Cartilage Pathology
Gigante A, DEI GIUDICI L, Cecconi S

Editors: Kon E, Berruto M, Condello V, Peretti GM, Ronga M
Guest Editor: Brittberg M
CIC Edizioni Internazionali


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